Summer Saving Tip: Pack a Lunch

Let’s face it, heading out to the local restaurant, sub shop or pizza parlor every work day can be a budget buster. Don’t believe it?

Take a typical lunch tab, multiply it by 5 and then by the number of weeks you work each year. Sit back and marvel at the total! Then imagine whittling that number down, down and down — and imagine the savings if you brought your lunch to work. You could be talking $1,000, $2,000 or even $3,000 a year! Continue reading

Summer Savings Tip — Cut your caffeine budget!

What’s your coffee count? How many cups do you drink in a day?  In a week, a month, a year?

CBS News says that more than 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. And not just one cup, but three to four cups.

That’s a lot of caffeine — and a lot of cash out of your pocket. That caffeine jolt could easily be costing you $1,000 a year or more depending on your coffee destination and what you order once you’re there.

There are ways to trim down your coffee expenses without quitting cold turkey or cutting your consumption dramatically. Here are a few: Continue reading

Summer Savings Tip: Clip coupons!

You’ve decided to save money this summer – good for you! Community Bank of Tri-County is here with support. Be on the lookout for our Summer Saving Tips series, starting with this simple, money saving tip – clip coupons!

From blogs, to TV shows and classes couponing has gone from an act reserved for Sunday morning with the newspaper to T.V. entertainment and an obsession for people across the country. We are excited about all the attention saving money is getting, because it’s a smart thing to do – through good economic times and bad.

Ready to clip? Consider these tips: Continue reading