Business: Learn (and Earn) Through Customer Analytics

Learn through customer analyticsWhat are the most heavily trafficked pages of your website? Can you predict what items are going to be flying off your store shelves this season? With the help of analytical tools and techniques your business can leverage insights from your customers’ behavior and historical preferences to make better decisions and become more profitable. Continue reading

Business: Internships and Apprenticeships

Office internIs your company looking to acquire new staff? Or maybe mulling the possibility of taking on additional hires in the future? Depending upon your industry and your organization’s needs, an internship or apprenticeship program could be a great way to procure and nurture top talent for the betterment of your business.


With an internship program, individuals hoping to garner “real world” experience and learn more about a business or industry take on a paid or unpaid position for a period of about 3 – 4 months.

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Sweepstakes, contests & promotions — Beware the laws, rules & regulations!

Contest WinnersSweepstakes, contests and lotteries. What’s the difference?

• Sweepstakes – Also referred to as “giveaways,” where winners are selected in a random drawing.

• Contest – Winner(s) are selected according to established criteria.

• Lottery – A prize drawing for which you have to pay money (or some other consideration) to have a chance to win.

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Savings Tips: Defraying College Costs

Saving for collegePerhaps the single most daunting aspect of college is the enormous financial obligation that comes with it. For parents, sending a child off to college can mean stretching family finances further than ever before. For students, college likely means taking the first real steps into managing their own finances. Here are some tips to help students and families manage college costs:

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Rent vs. Buying a Home

Home BuyingFeel like with each passing month you’re throwing your money away by renting? But does the idea of pooling a significant amount of your savings into one big investment make you a bit nervous? The rent versus buy debate is one of the biggest, and most difficult, financial decisions you might have to make. We’ve pulled together a few online tools to help you sort through the money matters along with a few other factors to consider in your hunt for housing.

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Business: Customer Service Best Practices

Customer ServiceNo matter how large or small your business is — whether you have one customer or a thousand and one — the way you treat them can make or break you.

The old adage is true: satisfied customers may tell one or two people about a happy experience with you. But a disgruntled customer will spread the story loud and clear, near and far. Not only have you lost a customer, you’ve probably lost potential customers, as well.

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Is Your Business on Pinterest?

Pinterest BadgeWhich social media sites is your business active on? With mega brands like Starbucks and Target jumping into Pinterest, now might be the right time for your company. Here are some ideas for how your business can harness the power of Pinterest.


Pinterest is basically an updated, online version of the traditional pinboard – hence the name. Users collect photos and videos called “pins” from around the web, which are organized onto “boards” for others to view, comment and share. Early on, artists and designers were quick to flock to the visual-friendly site before catching the attention of the mainstream public and business world alike.

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