Kids: First job? Tips for saving money

For many teenagers, the hardest thing about earning money is learning to manage it wisely. Until they had their own money, Mom and Dad were their own private bank. Money appeared like magic whenever they asked, as long as the request was reasonable.

Now that they have their own payday, they tend to want to hold on to their earnings. To save, you ask? Not necessarily! Chances are they’d rather squirrel it away for that next trip to the mall with their friends. And then there might just be nothing left until the next payday. Continue reading

Money and Kids: 5 Tips for Success

We are pleased to welcome guest blogger, Laura Edgar, senior writer for, a personal finance website dedicated to promoting financial literacy.

Money management is a popular topic for grownups, but it’s just as important for kids. Sure, your child may not have to worry about paying the mortgage, but she does need to practice budgeting, spending and saving. Kids who learn good money management habits are way more likely to make smart financial choices when they grow up; study after study confirms it.

Teaching your children good money skills isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You already know a lot about it! Here are 5 expert tips to get you started. Continue reading

Kids: Keeping math skills sharp over the summer

From swimming and sports camps to archery and boating, your kids are loving summer, but are they losing those hard-earned math skills already? Children can lose two months or more of learning over summer vacation. Here are some easy and fun ways to retain (and improve) their math skills:

Math on the Road
If you’re like most parents, you spend a lot of your summer vacation behind the wheel, driving youngsters here, there and everywhere in order to give them the best summer possible. Why not use that “drive time” to exercise your youngsters’ math skills. Make it fun! Try these five drive-along activities, especially if your kids are digitally connected in the back seat, with access to on-screen calculators if not old-fashioned pencils and paper. Continue reading

Financial education shouldn’t end when the school year does.

Your children may be on vacation, but their financial education shouldn’t be! Summertime can be a great time to keep the wheels of learning turning. Here are a few ideas:

• Join the Green Team™! Saving money is made fun in our Kids’ Club Green Team. Members learn to save with a special passbook to record their savings. There are membership cards and free gifts too!

• Encourage them to earn extra money for things they want to do or buy. Add to their allowance with extra chores like washing the car, working in the yard, or helping vacationing neighbors by collecting their mail and newspapers while they are away. Continue reading

Have you read “Ribbiting News”?

“Ribbiting News” is the official newsletter of the Green Team, Community Bank of Tri-County’s Kids’ Club!

“Ribbiting News” is filled with financial literacy topics that teach our youngest customers to make sound financial decisions. Each quarterly issue includes encouraging tips on saving and budgeting, fun games and activities, and even upcoming opportunities to meet the Kids’ Club mascot, Fillup the Frog. Continue reading