Is email marketing right for your business?

Today, nearly everyone has an email account. And, if you’re in business, n370001Bearly everyone could be your target market. Put the two together, and all your problems are solved, right?

The answer is “maybe,” if you do it right.

The broad definition of email marketing is the promotion of products or services via email. You communicate with current customers with their permission, or by “cold calling” potential customers from a purchased list. Your goal is to get them to buy something, buy more of something, or just stay loyal to your brand.

But, once you hit “Send,” you’re no longer in control. The email recipient could choose not to open your email, delete it, or decide to opt out. Maybe it ended up in the Spam pile. And, if the email IS opened, the timing could be off.

You have to reach your targets when they are ready to act, not when you are. It stands to reason, then, that holiday-related emails might draw a higher response than one you send in the middle of March.

And, speaking of timing, are you over-emailing? Are you bombarding digital inboxes with emails that are now the equivalent of paper “junk mail”? Worse still, are you in danger of violating the government’s SPAM act?

How should you approach email marketing? Take a look at what this digital marketing company spokesman considers 5 Brands That Get Email Marketing Right, from Amazon to Moosejaw Mountaineering!

Are you currently email marketing, but with limited success? offers tips on How to Create an E-Mail Marketing Campaign That People Will Notice.

And, last but not least, comes this warning, when it comes to emails in general: Never substitute emails for good, old-fashioned common business sense, ever! Don’t send that email, pick up the phone.

Do you have an email newsletter for your business?

Community Bank Business Portal

It’s a brand new year, and Community Bank is excited to be rolling out a brand new resource for the local business community: the Community Bank Business Portal! The portal is a centralized hub for news, information and upcoming events — all geared toward helping our fellow businesses learn and grow.

When you visit the portal, you’ll have a wealth of information at your fingertips! Here’s a quick look at some of the features you’ll find:

-An events calendar populated with upcoming and ongoing events. Find an upcoming webinar or connect with other business leaders in your community at various networking events.

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What Businesses Can Do in the Cloud

You might be wondering, “What is the cloud?” Basically, it’s a form of online computing which enables you to access all the applications used to run your business through the Internet. Now you might be asking yourself, “Okay, how can I use the cloud to help my business?”

Good news, turns out there are a number of cloud-based options available to enhance several key aspects of your business.

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Can Remote Deposit Capture help increase efficiency?

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